MyLanViewer 4.13.3

Useful network scanner for your computer

MyLanViewer is a practical tool for network scanning tasks. This tool includes NetBIOS and IP scanning features, a Wake-On-Lan manager and remote shutdown. MyLanViewer also contains a network monitor and a LAN messenger for your different tasks. It has a simple to use interface that enables you to monitor your network computers with a buddy list style. You'll be able to see to see MAC addresses, IP addresses, machine names, shared resources, and many other details for each computer inside your network. MyLanViewer includes several features such as log off, lock, wake up, hibernate, sleep, reboot, shutdown and remote power off. The program can display all of the activity of the different computers inside your network with notifications for state changes. This application also offers features for monitoring, access to folders, and disabling shared resources and end user sessions. It is very easy to install, and has user friendly menus. MyLanViewer is a fast and complete tool for your network monitoring.

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